At HatchFox Studios, the goal is to create as many products for the digital world. Starting with games, software, and services, we strive to build a collection of top products for a variety of different industries. Our main focus however is to create great games and software. Our Team is very dedicated to their work and partnerships a big benefit, helping with design and development of companies products to lower costs. We work with small studios and individuals, to large corporations with a variety of different projects. Check out our Partnership page or Contact Us for more information.


Games made by us or contributed to


Athena is the primary project being developed by HatchFox Studios. It is an original sci-fi, multiplayer, first person, tactical shooter. the game is set in an alternate universe and is to be announced later this year.

Dungeon Dweller

Dungeon Dwellers

HatchFox Studios is currently working on a fantastic 2D RPG. Dungeon Dweller is bringing new life to mobile games using story, music, and dynamic gameplay.