About the Game

Athena is a brand new IP being created by HatchFox Studios on the Unreal Engine 4. The development team aims to create a game where players can experience realistic combat in an online and futuristic universe. Athena’s goal is to go above and beyond with hardcore gameplay and visuals effects to immerse the player in an overwhelmingly realistic combat situation like never seen before. The game is planning to be released in late 2019 with a early Alpha test coming out Late 2018. For more information follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


Dynamic Environments

Athena will Feature a wide range of dynamic environments scattered across a whole planet! HatchFox Studios aims to make a dynamic game where each match you play will never be the same.

Modular Weapons

Athena will offer a wide range of modular weapons for players to choose from to fit their play style.

Customisable Character Classes

Each Player is unique and so is Athena's Character Classes. They are customisable to fit almost any role and combat situation.

Customisable vehicles

A unique range of characters are great but it is important to back up your infantry with armor to break through the enemy's front line. Athena offers a wide range or customisable vehicles to do just that.

Aspiring Graphics

HatchFox Studios aims to create hyper realistic graphics to immerse the players and mold reality with the digital Univurse of Athena.

Story Driven

Athena has an in-depth and immersive backstory that will guide the player on a journey through the Universe of Athena.

Current Progress

Completetion Level 100%
Damage & Health System
Completetion Level 100%
Weapon Damage & Projectile System
Completetion Level 100%
Playable Level
Completetion Level 20%
Menu UI
Completetion Level 70%
Player UI
Completetion Level 70%
Character Classes
Completetion Level 40%
Completetion Level 50%
Completetion Level 40%
Game Modes
Completetion Level 20%
AI (Bots)
Completetion Level 20%
Full Character & Weapon Customisation
Completetion Level 20%
Networking, Replication & Bug Fixes
Completetion Level 20%
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