About us

Hatch Fox Studios is an Australian based Startup with grand aspirations for the future. First started in late 2016, it has quickly grown in a short amount of time and is now dedicated to multiple projects all around the world, either privately or associated with other companies. Originally started as an indie game development studio, but have now adapted to just about any digital-based product. Our team currently works remotely, and this helps us create a large and cost-efficient workflow from around the globe.

What we do

HatchFox Studios currently offers online services for purchase by anyone. We also offer hiring options for larger projects with lowered costs. We also develop our own commercial video games, software, and online programs for business and students. As a small Studio we mostly work remotely. Having remote workers has its benefits, and can help us complete just about any project. Partnerships are a massive part of HatchFox Studios, with partners from all around the world. We strive to continue to build our global relations and create great things along the way.

Our Values

At HatchFox Studios, we strive to always keep an open mind and focus on what’s right. Our Values are very important to us and our community.  Some of our key values are:

  • Feedback: Always welcome for all our projects
  • Support: Not just for projects, but also business and individuals
  • Partners: We always are open to partners of any kind
  • Community: The reason we do what we do and the reason it works